Sardinian grappa Fil‘e Ferru

The Sardinian grappa Fil‘e Ferru is a local grappa whose name means “iron wire”.
The name comes from the method used to hide the containers of the spirit underground, when it was clandestinely produced.
In order to identify their exact position, they put an iron wire on the ground to help them.
To produce the Sardinian grappa Fil‘e Ferru the marc of some selected Sardinian vine varieties are distilled (the top quality is obtained from the distillation of the marc of Vernaccia) which originate a product with alcohol more than 40° by volume.
In some areas, especially in Logudoro and Barbagia, the Fil ‘e Ferry is also called “abbardente” (or “ abba ardente”) which means “burning water, on fire, very strong” because of the high amount of alcohol.
The other grappa bottles you may buy at the Enoteca Cantina del Sarrabus include the barrique-aged grappa produced by the most famous local wineries like Argiolas, Santadi, Dorgali, Jankara, Surrau, Su’entu and many more. Come and discover the complete offer of the wine shop. Before buying, you will have the chance to taste our products and be advised by Roberto Anedda, the owner and experienced sommelier who will tell you the story of the products, their qualities and organoleptic properties and how to match them with food.
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