Sparkling wines

Sardinian sparkling wines in

Also the sparkling wines produced in Sardinia meet the standards requested by the more and more demanding clients looking for excellent local products.
The artisanal and semi-industrial production of Gallura (Calangianus and Olbia) and the semi-nonprofessional one of the areas near Oristano represent a valid range of sparkling wines made with the Charmant method, which means they are fermented in steel tanks.
In addition to the Moscato and Brut wines from Gallura, the Brut wines from Alghero, there are also some wineries in the area of Oristano, Planargia and the southern part of Campidano di Cagliari, Sulcis and a rosé sparkling wine from Ogliastra.
These wines have become famous not only locally but also outside the island of Sardinia, thanks to the aromatic flavours of Moscato, Malvasia and Nasco.
The Sardinian sparkling wines in Cagliari available at the Enoteca Cantina del Sarrabus include Brut, Extra Brut, Extra Dry, Demi sec and sweet wines. Some have Vermentino, Torbato, Semidano, Chardonnay as base, others Malvasia, Moscato and Nasco.
The light straw yellow colour, the perfume of the main vine variety and the fresh, acid and fruity flavours make the Sardinian sparkling wines some of the most appreciated of the area. They perfectly match the desserts but they are fine also with an aperitif with the famous Sardinian pecorino cheese or to start a meal with fish dishes.
In addition to the Sardinian sparkling wines, the Enoteca Cantina del Sarrabus offers also a prestigious selection of Italian sparkling wines (mainly Francia Corta, Oltrepò Pavese, Trento Doc).