Myrtle liquor in Cagliari

Would you like to buy some myrtle liquor in Cagliari e you have no idea how to choose among so many commercial offers? Do not choose randomly, come to the Enoteca Cantina del Sarrabus and ask Roberto Anedda, the owner and sommelier of the wine shop, who will guide you to discover the story of myrtle. The myrtle liquor, which is simply famous as myrtle or red myrtle, is a very famous liquor in Sardinia and Corse, it is obtained from the alcoholic maceration of ripe and pigmented berries or from berries and leaves.
There are two types of myrtle: the red one, which refers to the colour given by the anthocyanin of the berries and the white one, which more generally refers to the liquor obtained from the maceration of the depigmented berries or the leaves of young buds. The organoleptic properties of the white liquor are obviously different form the common myrtle. The official denomination, adopted in the whole region and by the association of producers, is “Mirto di Sardegna”.
At the Enoteca Cantina del Sarrabus you may find the best myrtle liquor in Cagliari and in the surroundings, at very competitive prices and chosen among the most prestigious local wineries.
The commercial offer of many top quality wines, from the best local, Italian and foreign wineries is enriched by this liquor.
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